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Use speechx as an assessment tool to continuously quantify and track your Learners' speaking performance.



Coaches invite Learners to start using speechx by providing them access to a unique referral code and the app download link.



Learners use speechx during work meetings or in practice mode to provide the Coach insights into their current skill level and gaps.



Coaches tweak their training program, if needed, and execute the training sessions via their preferred mode of delivery. Learners use speechx during these sessions.



Learners continue to use speechx after the training sessions, enabling the Coach to continuously track their performance and quantify the uplift in skill level. 



Coaches can easily provide a quantified measurement in skill level uplift to the Learner and senior management, if any.

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Measure soft skills to derive hard metrics against speech parameters.


Invite and assess 100s of Learners with zero effort.


Improve learning effectiveness through repetition.

Join progressive communication coaches in leveraging AI-led insights for your business

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Communication remains the #1 skill gap in the world. Let's change this together.

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Communication remains the #1 skill gap in the world. Let's change this together.